Learn to Draw Inspiration From Others

Think about the last person who inspired you. Was it a book character? Maybe someone from a movie? Think about the storyline and the situations and challenges they experienced as well as how they surpassed those challenging moments. While the story may have seemed overwhelming at the time, eventually those moments led to the character’s success. For some, characters may just be fictional and serve as a piece of entertainment, but for others, these stories can serve as a model for success.

Looking at Past Experiences

The story you were thinking of may differ from the one above, but it may feel the same overall. Looking at our past experiences, it’s very rare to have started from a successful foundation. Some people may have wealth from parents or grandparents, but they may not be hungry for success. Starting from a foundation filled with hardship isn’t always the case, but it is often what we see in these stories.

No matter what story you read or movie you watch, the longer you go without hearing these tales, the more likely they will fade from your memory. Inspiration is most effective when it is current. You can reinforce your inspiration by looking to others around you.

Drawing Inspiration from Around You

Your inspiration does not have to come from famous people, storybooks or other pieces of fiction. We encourage you to not limit yourself to only stories of well-known individuals. You can find plenty of inspirational stories in your local newspaper, organizations, your neighborhood, or even your co-workers. Sometimes reading or hearing stories from those in your community will give you local insight that is impossible to get from a celebrity or fictional character. By looking to those around you who have experienced similar situations, you might see the path to solving the problem you’ve been facing.

You can also look for inspiration from perspectives you would not typically consider. Whether it’s reading a book from another culture or getting perspective from someone older or younger, you can diversify your experiences to look for new ideas.

Reread, Rewatch, and be Reinspired

While looking for areas of inspiration, you may find a sense of comfort in rereading or rewatching a story of someone who inspired you. Sometimes this will uncover more information than when you heard the story the first time. It may also provide a fresh perspective, enabling your brain to look for what it didn’t find before.

When it comes to finding your inspiration, do not be afraid to learn from those around you including co-workers. All the inspiration you gain will be of no use if you don’t take action. If you feel inspired and believe now is the time to make the change, we encourage you to do so. After all, it’s great to be inspired but if you let it sit, it will go to waste.

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