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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Help | Mental Health Help

We believe that treatment is most successful when a more comprehensive treatment approach is used, including a thorough diagnostic evaluation, appropriate psychotherapy, judiciously prescribed medication, and spiritual exploration and growth.

Our Mission

is to provide holistic, effective, compassionate treatment to those who suffer from mental illness, emotional pain, and addiction from alcohol and other drugs of abuse. We will synergize evidence-based interventions and individualized care as we humbly become tools of God to bring healing and wellness. We believe that ABSTINENCE-based programming can provide sobriety for those who suffer from the illness of addiction to alcohol and other drugs. We will provide a level of service that will simplify excellence, teamwork, and the utilization of both ours and the clients’ various strengths and skills.

Our Purpose

is to work for wellness, mental health, and recovery over mental illness and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and to promote for the improved outreach, advocacy, provision, care, and treatment of persons with mental health and substance use disorders.